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New website

We're setting up this new website, if you have any issues with registration or such, ask in discord. Anything other than this, make an account and use this site :)


Welcome to the official Midlands store!

We’re a survival server but with a few twists! Here is just a handful of what the server offers, claim protections, warps, 3 homes, player shops, and an economy. This webstore was created, not to make profit as such, but mainly to pay for the server costs and to keep it up. You can check out the store what we offer, or if you just fancy donating with no in game items, there’s also an option for that too!

-Store notice-

When making a purchase or donation, please remember to input your Minecraft name exactly as it is for you to be able to get your rewards and to be added to the payee list.

Most of the items in store will not be claimed until you login, where it would automatically be sent directly to your account, so you don’t need to be on or near a machine to claim.

Please note, it is pretty fast at issuing your items but please give it a maximum of 10 mins before contacting a member of staff about the issue.

We only currently accept PayPal payments through instant/direct transfer. We do not accept e-cheques or any of the sort for security purposes.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the webstore please join our discord (link at the end of this) head over to the support-and-appeals channel and make a ticket, someone will be with you shorty to resolve the issue or question you may have.


We don’t use forums, or websites, emails etc. We do everything we can through discord so if you have any questions, need more information join our discord and someone will be right there to help you. We also use the discord for general chit chat, sharing pictures, you can even use the ingame-chat channel to talk to members online through discord to the server and vice versa (please note to talk in game you need to have linked your discord to your Minecraft account, type /discord link and follow the instructions.