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We're setting up this new website, if you have any issues with registration or such, ask in discord. Anything other than this, make an account and use this site :)


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28 days ago
Connecting to the server

1. How do I join the server?

Make sure you have the latest version of the game

Click "Multiplayer" or "Servers", then enter the IP/port depending on what device you are on


2. What IP do I use?

If you are on java edition, the IP is play.mid-lands.net

If you are on bedrock edition, the IP is play.mid-lands.net and the port is 25565

Java edition is only on pc, and you will see a "Java edition" under the logo. Anything else is bedrock edition


3. How do I join on Xbox and switch?

To join the server on Xbox edition, you have to follow this video: https://youtu.be/Xr8kbmzTJBs

to join on switch, use this video: https://youtu.be/aC9ujs5CIOo


4. How do I join on Android?

You may see an error message like "Unable to connect to world" when trying to join on an android device

Unfortunately, we have no fix for this at the moment, and it is most likely not to do with the server

It may be because your device is outdated


5. I get a VPN/Proxy error, how do I fix this?

We do not allow joining with a VPN and you will be unable to connect to the server if you are using one

If you aren't using a VPN or Proxy, follow this link: https://mid-lands.net/forum/topic/10-getting-vpn-error/


6. Is this a cracked server?

No, you cannot join on cracked versions


7. Can I play with people on other editions?

Yes, this is a cross-platform server which means java and bedrock editions can both play

It is hosted on java, and game mechanics will be based on that version of the game

We use GeyserMC plugin to make this work: https://geysermc.org/

28 days ago
Getting VPN error?

There's no one universal solution to this, since there are so many causes. But here are some general ones you can try. If these don't work, try Googling some other solutions (from reliable sources of course!) or speaking to other players with the same issue. Remember all these solutions are computer safe, so have no worries! If anyone else is having this issue, try these as well.


Log out of your account, and log back in. Make sure you haven't been banned, as this can also be a false-positive message for that.


Reset your Modem/Router manually by unplugging it (turning it off). To be safe, keep it unplugged for 30 seconds. Some machines have different time requirements, but 30 seconds is a safe bet. Once back online, try to connect.


Go to your computer Settings, go to the Network/Internet section, click on the VPN tab, and look at the boxes that are checked as active. Some computers automatically have unchecked/checked boxes under "Allow VPN under metered connections" and "Allow VPN while roaming". Try changing those settings. If it doesn't work and you still cannot connect, remember to change them back!


Similarly, under the Network/Internet section, click on the Proxy tab. Unless you specifically made a proxy, all the boxes should be unchecked. Make sure if you're using a family computer, you ask your parents/siblings if they set one. If not, uncheck the boxes and try to connect.


Some custom mods my trigger this warning. I'm not saying you're using any "illegal" mods, but try turning any of them off and connecting. Or, try uninstalling the mods and connecting (if this doesn't work, you'll obviously have to re-install them, which is time consuming of course)


Anti-VPN sometimes sets off False-Positives if Midlands uses it, alongside other VPN/Proxy plugins. That could be an issue, if so, changing your IP should fix that specifically.


If all else fails, uninstall and re-install Minecraft completely after resetting your internet connection by disconnecting your WIFI/network, and reconnecting.


If you have questions about any of these solutions, just let me know! I'll be glad to explain them more in-depth, or address any of your concerns.

Post by, DustinUSMC member of https://applecraft.org/

28 days ago
Any ideas for maybe a new server?

Wanting to know what server's you enjoy playing as in game modes/events/bedwars etc. If we have enough vote for said server, we'll look at putting it into Midlands's network  :D

28 days ago
Regarding the empty server for 1.17

This is a quick message to address the use of the empty server. What we're going to do is keep the old survival up and running, then have the 1.17 server running (not public) while we set it all up and make sure everything is ready. As soon as it's ready. Everyone will be notified on discord and on here the time/date it's going offline for the last time. Then once that happens, the 1.17 server will replace the old survival, keeping the same portal in the lobby. Hope this helps and clears everything up :)

about 1 month ago
Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to the new and improved site. We're giving this a go as it's more integrated with the server itself. Here we will provide you with the latest updates/news and such. You can even use the forum as a chatting area to chit chat or even just share your favourite meme 😬. If you have any questions or issues, please post in the correct category/forum and someone will be able to assist you as soon as possible. 😁 hope you're all having fun and staying safe!